Zen Voices Meditation Chants

Relaxing Music Artist Marcomé brings us deep in the moment with Zen Voices Meditation Chants. Blissful and profoundly relaxing, Zen Voices is a musical tale that envelops body & Soul. Marcomé's pure and sultry voices mingle graciously into nature's sounds and spacious soundscapes, making it authentically earthly! Specially crafted for SPA, Meditation, Yoga, Massage, Prayer, Relaxation, Stretching, Zen Voices Meditation Chants is a gift of inner peace, a musical 45 minutes to well being & inner peace.

What is Zen for Marcomé ?

Zen is being in the now, connected to the glorious energy that inhabits all of my cells that keep me alive, day after day.It's a state of inner peace that I can reach when my mind is at rest and my heart is openly connected to my whole body & soul, making me feel one with the infinity of life, of love.

Zen is also unconditional love, a total acceptance of the present moment, an opportunity for opening up my heart to my entire life's experience, my joys and my fears, my desires and my sufferings. Becoming Zen is reaching out toward more happiness but it requires will, perseverance and practice! May this music make you realize how precious you are!

With all my love,

Marcomé ♡

Zen Voices Meditation Chants

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«Zen Voices is such a celestial and comforting music. Amidst all the rush and tedium of daily living, your music makes a good lullaby»

Peter from Melbourne, Australia

«I love your music. It takes my mind to another place, another world. As I listen to your songs my mind creates an image of floating out of this world into another. Again thank you for such wonderful music»

Randy Davis

«Thank you for your music, it helps me to remember that Heaven is on Earth! Best wishes»


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