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Welcome to my world of music & freedom! Who is Marcomé? I’m a singer and musician but firstly, I’m a life lover. I grew up in a simple yet inspiring family in Quebec, Canada. I speak French and English.

I spent part of my childhood with my uncles who owned a music instrument and sound shop. After working hours, I would play with the sound systems, hooking up speakers to amplifiers, recording my voice on a 2 track tape recorder while experimenting with guitar and violin. As a teenager, I bought my first 4-track recorder along with a keyboard and recorded some of the songs that would later end up on my first music CD Seven Seas.

I’m a self trained musician and a sound engineer. I had the privilege to work with renowned music artists whom inspired me to pursue my musical dream.

I’m a nature lover and besides music, I have a passion for spirituality & self growth. I’d like to invite you to my New Age Music Blog so that you can learn more about my music and spiritual world!

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