SEVEN SEAS (Remastered)
Ambient New Age music for the profound soul

Canadian recording artist and premiere Ambient New Age music top female vocalist and songwriter Marcomé, captivated music lovers worldwide with her stunning debut album Seven Seas released in 1995. Remastered in 2006, this critically acclaimed album showcases the vocal ability and range of Marcomé. Her celestial voice is perfectly layered within lush Ambient New Age music sound landscapes of divine keyboards and rhythmic percussions. The texture of the overall sound of Seven Seas (Remastered) , reflects an almost Zen like atmosphere that has the ability to entice the listener to experience a musical epiphany. Let yourself engage in magical adventures and travel the Seven Seas journey.

Marcomé co-produced Seven Seas (Remastered) with Michel Robidoux (Leonard Cohen). It features the exquisite talents of Marc Langis (Celine Dion), on fretless bass, Michel Dupire (Roch Voisine), on percussions and Michel Donato (ÙZEB), and Bob Cohen on guitars.

The eleven songs that appear on Seven Seas (Remastered), are a collection of stories which conjure up musings of divinity and love that are as unique and infectious. The songs reflect the artist’s own personal evolution and the importance of the natural world connecting with the spiritual. There is a reoccurring theme that embodies Seven Seas (Remastered), the discovery of something bigger, greater; a power that exists around us and ultimately rests inside every one of us. Marcomé succeeds in renewing the best New Age music genre by blending rich dreamy keyboard sounds with excellent musicianship in the world music tradition.

Songs such as “Memoria”, “Parada” and “ Librarsi”, have the innate ability to calm you with their airy and sultry undertones, flowing tempo and angelic vocals. While other tracks like “Breathe”, “All Alone” and “Seven Seas” will hug your spirit with their reflective words and atmosphere. “ Yeku” the first single & music video, was released worldwide and appeared on many new age music radio and music television Top 20 play lists! This mystical and divine song, attained worldwide airplay and listener requests on radio, satellite and Internet music stations in Canada, USA, Japan, UK, Germany, Australia, France and the Middle East.

If you are inspired by life, practice personal spiritual evolution, meditate and devote your soul to enhancing your life experiences, than Seven Seas (Remastered) is the perfect spiritual music soundtrack companion for you. Sit back, relax and enjoy one of the best New Age music artists.

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Seven Seas

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11. YÉKU (radio edit)


«I loved, I laughed, I cried…Marcomé touched me deeply with Seven Seas.»
-Julie Ramirez, Tempe, Arizona

«Marcome is meditation for the troubled mind. Her voice heals and her melodies lay a sweet salve over hearts and souls challenged by the tumultuous here and now.»
– Lonn Friend, author, Los Angeles

«Marcomé is an immense artist. Seven Seas will be enjoyed by all who keep an open ear for quality sound and incredible vocals.»
- S. L. Bluth, Alberta

« I use Marcomé’s music with fragrant scents to calm my spirit, open up my mind and soul to the possibilities of what could be… Marcomé’s voice touches my soul deeply and brings peace to my spirit. »
-Andrew T., Hollywood, Florida


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