Marcomé Remixed
DJ Marcomé with an Ambient
Music twist!

What started out as an idea in a restaurant, blossomed into a magical inspiration in the recording studio. Marcomé remixed is Marcomé with an ambient music twist. D.J. Marcomé at the helm, as mastering and mixing engineer revisiting her music library with one thing on her mind: to produce the best remixed songs to fit any mood. Three songs, different interpretations and a whole spectrum of musical possibilities arise. Explorations into the shaken not stirred sound of lounge music, the feel good music of New World pop, the rhythmic beats of dance music and the atmospheric mood of ambient music, are part of each song’s sound structural transformation. In this series, each selected track was revisited with a musical makeover and is pimped out with incredible sound and exotic instrumentation.

Yeku Remixed
Marcomé has revamped her worldwide New Age music hit in four musical flavors! A sassy lounge version with a highly sensual saxophone perfomance by Richard Beaudet (Gino Vanelli, Cirque du Soleil). A Festive ambient version featuring the country-ish guitars of Michel Robidoux and the stunning Trance music remix in which the Spirit can unleash its passion for space and for life!

We hope you had an enjoyable experience and discovered a new musical talent in the process. After all, isn’t that what quality music is supposed to do? Find you, touch you, move you and propel you on a personal adventure into the pleasant unknown. Good music has the ability to do all that and more. Please don’t forget to tell your friends, and remember to check out Marcomé’s debut album “Seven Seas” (Remastered) and her sophomore album “River Of Life” on this website.

Please note that these remixed versions are not found on the “Seven Seas” nor the “River Of Soul” albums. “River Of Life”, “Arabica” and “Yeku” remixed are commercially available in digital download format (mp3 or WAVE)

River Of Life Remixed
Explorations into feel good music & chilled lounge music

The Remixed sound deviations have taken the original album version of “River Of Life” and transformed it. With Marcomé’s angelic vocals backed by gospel choral harmonies, rhythmic percussions and jazzy guitar licks, drive the infectious feel good music track version. Marcomé succeeds in taking us to a higher ground with this rejoicing New World pop anthem. You will be humming the chorus for days!

Dim the lights sit back on the divan and chill… A martini in one hand, a magnum on ice and a loved one close by. The River of Life lounge music remix version enhances any atmospheric mood. From its sparkling guitar riffs, to its lazy shuffling beats and exotic instrumentations, it’s like sitting with your feet in a river on a humid summer day and watching nature explode into life all around you in slow motion. Everything in the world at that moment is in synchronicity! Pod worthy to spice up to an existing ambient music playlist you may currently have on your mp3 player or music library.

Arabica Remixed
Exotic blends of New World music, atmospheric chill and dance music

From the triangle introduction start to the feel good music remix version, we are swept away into a world of dusty travels and exotic adventures. It is a blend of middle-eastern textures, New World music percussions, and Marcomé’s ethereal vocals and fused with addictive pop music hooks.

On the lounge music remix version, a lazy piano beckons, while a horn responds over a sultry sway of middle-eastern chants, strings and percussions. It is a mantra of hypnotic ambient music textures and chilled at just the right temperature. Should be served with an evening of passion, adventure and romance.

The “Arabica” dance remix version, is a blend of Arabian percussions and strings blended with contemporary hot dance music grooves and tasty old school disco guitar licks. This version will have you shaking your groove thang Cleopatra style under the mirrored spinning ball.



River of Life


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«I Love the 'River of Life - Lounge Remix…I’m definitely going to use that one on my next show.»
- Ken Eaves Night Waves, UK

«I get lost in the summery glow of the feel good remix.»
- Harold Saknip, Montreal, Canada

«Captivating and enchanting, the Arabica remixes fill my every moods ! The middle-eastern sounds mixed with tasty grooves and pop beats, always move me»
-Pink , Los Angeles, California

«Sounds like home…warm, festive and inviting.»
 -Maher, Quatar

«Your sensationally outstanding music will absolutely brighten everyone’s day, it’s a rewarding experience to listen to your enlightening melodies, keep on being a positive role model for people ! 
- Ali Sugard Land, Texas

2. FEEL GOOD REMIX  (3:25 min)
3. LOUNGE REMIX  (5:04 min)

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(4:08 min)
2. FEEL GOOD REMIX  (3:38 min)
3. LOUNGE REMIX  (5:18 min)
(3:58 min)

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