Film Music Ougainatso by Marcomé

Born from nostalgia and hope, Ougainatso is Marcome's life movie soundtrack. Life brings us challenges every year. We have been created for a purpose, and the discovery of our own trajectory involves a mixture of sufferings and renewed joys, whether we like it or not! The beauty of suffering (yes...) is that when it's over, when joy shows up in one's life, we can appreciate much more the flavor of those times of relief and returned happiness! After the rain comes the sunshine… Nothing is more precious than this moment. Be one with it, with all your love and gratitude, minute by minute! Love, Marcomé

The creative process

Ougainatso was born on a very special morning. That day, Michel sat down in my studio with his guitar and told me he had been playing this song lately that reminded him of Almodovar's film music and ambiances. I listened to the track for a few minutes then joined him and sang Ougainatso exactly as you hear it today. So this is a first take recording of Michel and me, no fixing! Since that magical moment, I always make sure to record ourselves when we jam! Later on, I transcribed all the vowels and invented words on paper to learn the song and perform it.

Michel Robidoux

Marcomé crossed roads with Michel Robidoux in 1994 for the production of Seven Seas, her first album, and has worked with him since then. Michel Robidoux is a proficient guitarist and co-producer, as well as a main figure of the Quebec music industry since the 60's (he has worked as a composer for Leonard Cohen, Robert Charlebois and Jean-Pierre Ferland, among others, and he is the creator of many musics of the celebrated children’s program Passe-Partout).

Seven Seas

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« Entrancing and Soulful! The sacred masculine Soul meets the Divine feminine Spirit. »

- Christopher L.




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